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On-Site Consulting

  • Do you know the metrics your BDC team should be reaching?
  • Do they know how to properly set an appointment that shows?
  • Are they qualifying every customer and utilizing the CRM to their advantage?
  • Are they maximizing every available lead?
  • DealerKnows Can Help.

Virtual Dealer Training

  • Does your BDC team need constant attention?
  • Have they ever been given the proper training to set more appointments?
  • Do you want a training program that is on-going and mentors your team to greatness?
  • Do they need email templates and phone scripts?
  • DealerKnows Can Train

Grade Your Team

  • Do you know what your BDC team is emailing to your customers?
  • Do you have a watchful eye monitoring their performance and ensuring that no lead is left behind?
  • Would you like automatically emailed alerts every time a BD Agent is not following procedure?
  • DealerKnows Can Do It


Why You Should Care

Your Internet Sales Managers should be your most decorated soldiers and your top sales performers.  However, if they are not maximizing every lead they receive, they are costing the dealership gross profit. 

With the ever-increasing rise in consumers starting the buying process online in some form or another, the importance of having a streamlined and effective Internet sales process for your store is more essential than ever. Many dealers feel that if they have a person or team in place to respond to incoming leads, that they are “doing it right”. They compare their closing ratios on these leads to the average in the industry and are happy as long as their percentages are close. The fact is that having an Internet sales team in your dealership is not enough any more. Competition is such that many dealers, whether they are part of a large auto group or a one-store dealership, are taking advantage of many online marketing programs (some available at no charge) to get the “edge” in their market.

Your competitors are deploying and utilizing many, if not all, of these new digital initiatives to steal your customers. Don’t let this happen in your market. With the right processes and best Internet marketing techniques, we can help level the playing field for small dealers and assist large dealer groups in keeping it.

Dominate your market while maximizing your e-commerce investments. DealerKnows Consulting can assist you with all of it for less than the larger vendors. We deliver proven results and genuinely care for our client’s success. We make the time to interact with and deliver personalized, frequent and consistent training and follow-up by actively monitoring your processes, hands-on, as well as continued training both in dealerships.

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